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The road to authenticity

Beginning in Rab

I was born as a child of the beautiful island of Rab, where the sea is as blue as my eyes and where each day brought the scent of salt and freedom. I've always felt that my heart beats differently. My early memories are colored with playing with dolls and admiring women's dresses. Thus, in childish naivety, I dreamt of a world where I could be what I feel.

Childhood secrets

As a child, who was called Neno, I knew that my soul did not align with the body I was in. My games were hidden, full of secret moments in mom's wardrobe closet. Every opportunity to touch the fabrics and shapes that reflected my true essence was like a hidden treasure.

Discovery and challenges

The day my mother found me in my sister's dress was a turning point. It was followed by silence, then long conversations and endless questions. Schooling on Rab became even more difficult as I often found myself the center of attention due to my differences, but this only strengthened my conviction that I must follow my truth.

First steps into the world

After finishing primary school, I knew there was more waiting for me. I wanted the glitz, stage lights, and a world where I could be what I feel. My first public appearance as a woman was thrilling yet liberating. I walked through the marketplace, sold figs, and dreamt of the stage, media, and glamour.

Struggle for dreams

Entering the world of media was not easy. Every step forward was filled with challenges and trials. As an LGBT community activist, I fought against prejudices and strove for acceptance. My life unfolded on television screens, in interviews, and on stages, where I broke taboos and built bridges of understanding.

Turning point

In 2013, I reached a point where I had to stop and rethink my path. I decided to focus on personal and spiritual growth. I dedicated myself to meditation, searching for inner peace, and cleansing the soul. I learned to love myself and accept others, to develop compassion and empathy.

Life philosophy

My life has become my message. I believe in love, acceptance, and mutual respect. Every day is an opportunity for growth, for showing love, and for sharing light. My goal is to inspire others not to be afraid to be who they are, and to live their truth proudly.

Looking forward

Today, as Salome, I stand firmly on the ground, aware of all the battles I've overcome and all the dreams I've realized. Life has given me wings, and now I fly, full of hope and love. My message to the world is simple: No matter where you are or who you are, never give up on your dreams. Love and perseverance conquer all obstacles.