Born 23rd November on a Croatian island Rab. When she was a child she felt and dreamt of one day living like today. Child’s dream of media appearance, living in the spotlights, the smell of make-up, but most of all the desire for public appearance became a reality. Also, as a child, she always loved wearing her mother’s clothes and putting on stilettos.


In her developing years from being a little boy (yes, it does sound odd) to a man she finished secondary catering school and left to serve the army in the former JNA. For a year she tried to prove that different ones can also serve their country. But this sophisticated life style was not possible on a small island and therefore she took on the road. The decision to come to Ljubljana was made after her first performance in a club called K4 in Ljubljana, where her career started at all. With her first performance she widely opened the door to the world of show-business and felt for the very first time what the meaning of her life truly is. Salome has been performing on stage for the past 15 years and she has literally reached out to all the people who have passed her way.


Her performances have also seen day light outside Slovenia. She did stage work in Austria, Italy, Germany, Holland, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina and of course her home land – Croatia. In her performances she stresses out the femininity which most women can only dream of. By imitating internationally popular singers, mostly women, she has put in her repertoire anyone that means something. From Madonna to Ana Oxa, Celine Dion, Marilyn Monroe, Amanda Lear, Lisa Minelli … To Slovenian and Croatian icons such as Helena Blagne, Simona Weiss, Anja Rupelj, Darja Švajger, Severina, Doris Dragovič, Josipa Lisac, Daniela, Jelena Karleuša, Lepa Brena and many more. She pays a lot of attention to each and every character individually before letting it being seen on stage. In her program you can feel the erotic pulse, which literally glows out of her and she most happily shares it with her audience.


The decision to put implants in her chest has lived in her mind since being little. The road itself, she says, was hard, but she never regrets a thing. The successes that the operation brought were worth taking a risk. And so after a year and a half she decided to make another breast augmentation from a B to a C cup. And with her new “babies” she is completely satisfied.


Her work itself is not just limited to imitation of famous singers … she is also trying it out herself (singing of course). She has just recorded her first single called “Igra” and she is making the video for that hope-to-be-a-hit single. The experience with her first recorded song gave her the inspiration to make a whole project of making her first CD album. To all the people involved in making this song and the video Salome wishes to thank here:



Special moments are those that fulfill my dreams … and dreams can come true with the help of special people, people dear to me and close to my heart:

Studio ORK, Vedran Mutič – bass guitar, Klemen Makrelj – drums, Anže Kristan – percussion, Gašper Kačar – synthesizer and music, Anđa D. Marič – lyrics and back vocals, Siniša Glumičič, M.D., Primož M. Dolničar– photography, Empera3z – makeup, Vesna Mirtelj – designer and stylist, Jelka Ješe-Jessica – natural manicure design, Zelolepo – corsets, jewelry by Beli salon, hair style by Hair salon Kati, shoes by Manufaktura Skubic, socks by Fabiani, Body Line – body tan, Collegium graphicum print, Mojca Gorjan Atelje 2050 – cover design, Emporia flower shop, restaurant Arboretum, La prot-production house, Sub Sub – Club, drapes by Velana, Cosmetic line – permanent eye-brows, Sara Hribar, Živko Veskov-Želev, Amanda Gril – designs, my truly dear friends and loving wife who believe in me. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I love all of you who love me and those who don’t … I shall always cherish you in my dreams.


Yours faithfully,







To other of her successes in the show business we must add her appearance and interview in Playboy, being photographed for the famous calendar Stars of 2006 where she represented moth February and last but not least being a co-hostess of a night talk show with her (former) friend Marlena. The show was a huge success right from the start due to the elegant and always sophisticated Salome. Unfortunately the show ended way too soon due to the misunderstanding between Salome and Marlena.


A few years ago she also did some small roles for a comedy “Trafika”, which was made by an outstanding production house Mangart in co production for the television house POP TV. And that’s not it. She has also done some outstanding acting parts in a small series TV show on national television called “Novi svet” where Salome played a remarkable role next to Sebastjan Cavazza and revealed her acting talent.


Despite all her fame and success, Salome hasn’t forgotten who she is in her nature. Every year she accepts the invitation to join the Slovenian Pride Parade dedicated to pointing out the differences and inferior positions of homosexuals. In the year 2006 she has exclusively presented her first single “Igra” for the gay and lesbian community in Ljubljana. And I have to tell you, they absolutely loved it.



She enjoys herself on Mykonos!

Sexy blond with envious curves who has thrilled quite a few radio stations with her latest hit “Igra”, has decided to take her every-year vacation. Even though Salome is from a little Croatian island called Rab, going there for the summer doesn’t quite represent taking a leave from everyday life but more visiting the relatives and her home town. Therefore she spends her leave in Greek paradise on Mykonos. She did quite a lot of performing there a few years ago. She could be heard and seen in some of the most prestigé clubs on the island. So, after successfully finishing round one of her musical project, always controversial Salome has indulged herself in enjoying the beaches and great entertainment in hot and steamy Greek nights.



A few years ago, Salome received an interesting and respectful letter from Tomi Roškarič, a catholic priest. Within the boundaries of the Catholic church, Tomi tries to achieve greater comprehension and understanding in relations to those, whose sexual orientation is different from the main one.







Dear Salome!


When surfing on the internet I have stumbled across your internet site, which caught my attention. In all the thrill I couldn’t help myself not sharing a few words. Let me introduce myself. My name is Tomi Roškarič and I am a Catholic priest. I do not think you have heard of me, maybe a little bit from the media. In the boundaries of the Catholic Church I am trying to achieve greater comprehension and understanding in relations to those, whose sexual orientation is different from the main one.   Many have pointed their finger at me saying I shouldn’t be talking about things like that, especially as a priest. But my personal belief is that as a priest I am called to every human being with no exceptions. It hurts me sometimes when I see that my Church does not have understanding for each person and makes differences between them especially when talking about those who have been pushed to the edge of our society. Jesus had the sympathy and understanding for every man and woman and in his eyes we are indeed all worthy of the same dignity.

Why am I writing to you? Actually with no specific reason. I am merely trying to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. I would like to congratulate you for your life’s courage and positivism, which you reflect in a special yet bald way. When reading your words in different interviews I felt that there is something more behind that beautiful outer image – a noble, warm and kind heart.

Maybe many people are judging you for your difference but personally I have to tell you that I pay deep respect for your honesty, for you do not hide and you have the courage to live honestly and express what you feel you should. What you feel you are – what you feel is right! Many people spend their lives in a sort of a passive hide-away filled with lies, being satisfied with their narrow world … and yet they keep sinking in their own misery.

You are different. Your voice can be heard. All Slovenians (from the catholic rows as well) know who you are – and especially due to your popularity I believe that you give hope to many of your admirers. As a role model to god-knows-how-many hearts, which feel like you, you mean a lot. And that is why I think your role is remarkable. You bring hope and comfort to those, who wish to be in a similar way what they feel to be, yet they keep hitting the wall of unapproval and discrimination.

All people are called to love! Called to know how to love and to be loved. To show that love and compassion to one another. It doesn’t say anywhere how to make this come true, how to make our mission come true. And if your positive image had anything to do with helping one human soul do evolve from its internal struggle and personal doubts; giving it courage and new joy, the energy to live … than you can be sure that you have fulfilled the greatest mission.


I would like to wish you a lot of very best things in life. People are different between one another. There are no two people alike in the world. Every one is unique. And I have to say that I don’t see any reason why your mission shouldn’t be as noble or even more than mine or anyone else’s. God looks at a person’s heart, not on occupation, sex, sexuality or sexual orientation. I wish you a lot of will and consistence in you further artistic development and work. May all your hidden dreams come true and may the most beautiful dreams become a reality!